Dream of Mirror Online wakes up and it’s over

Sad news for DOMO players as Aeria Games announces that this MMO game is about to shut down. Dream of Mirror Online will wake up to harsh reality in June 30th, 2012, when the servers will go offline.

Aeria Games thanks all players and confirms that all purchases made in May and June will get a 100% AP rebate that will be sent to the email on the account in the form of redeemable E-Pins. Enjoy the last you can of DOMO and check out other free-to-play games from the Aeria Games catalog and others. In all honesty, DOMO was showing its age, having launched in North America in 2007.

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  • unknown

    Showing its age? That really didn’t stop anyone from playing it or having mules and stuff. Etc isn’t there anyone I.E the creators that can do anything about it. The creators cause they take the time a make an update and update the graphics they’re probably shutting it down cause they got tired of updating etc and they think shutting it down will get them out of it cause there lazy, (this is what I have read and saw) also there is a petition going on to save domo. I mean if the ingame population is 3x’s bigger than thjuse korean one’s doesn’t that tell u that your game is going through the room. Well karma will get aerina for this and it will bite them in the butt, sooner or later just a matter of time (not sayin anything on here just frustrated and everyone on domo) so if anyone agree’s with me more power 2 us. Anyone like game sages or anyone else if u wanna correct me please don’t givin u a warning, and please don’t tell me or anyone else what to do (tryin to be nice and not try to go on ur bad side) or to move on, we will choose weither we want to stick with scam aerina games or not.

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    • FreeMMOStation

      Thank you for your constructive opinion, I see that you’re disgusted with the shut down and with Aeria Games in particular.

      Sadly it’s just a real thing, older games are getting shut down in a regular basis and it doesn’t seem to matter if the player base is large or if the game has a massive following – what matters to publishers in the end is the profit margin. Domo probably just wasn’t making enough.

      On a more positive note, I hope you really do find another great game out there that will make you as passionate about it as you are with Domo. 🙂

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  • Dante

    Hi, i played this game and i really enjoyed it and that i stopped playing a few weeks before it ended and some stuff happened on it that sorta sucked for me and alot of people. so i was wondering if they might re add it back to their website?

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