‘Just Give Up Already Award’ goes to ELOA; shutting down again

ELOA is shutting down

Talk about beating a dead horse. Elite Lord of Alliance, or ELOA is shutting down. Again. First it was Webzen that decided to shut down the game even before it completed one year live. Hope flourished for fans of ELOA when publisher Game&Game acquired the rights for North America, with the closed beta starting on November 2016.

Now, once more before ELOA turns one, it is shutting down tomorrow, August 11. Game&Game has announced the closing date but nothing at all in the way of player compensation or something. The publisher did promise “better and various games soon”, but considering that its current catalog includes old MMORPGs such as Atlantica Online, Dark Eden, ASDA or Red Stone, we're not exactly expecting the next worldwide hit.

It was nice to meet you, ELOA, but let's stop bringing dead games back from… the dead, OK?

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