Enter the Dragons: new Dragon’s Prophet GDC 2013 trailer

SOE and Runewaker just released a new Dragon’s Prophet trailer for GDC 2013. As it was to be expected, the trailer focuses on the dragon-ridden game world of Auratia, which boasts beautiful and vast landscapes.

This weekend, a select group of players that signed up for Closed Beta will have a chance to capture dragons and explore the realm of Auratia. Players can apply for Closed Beta and find more information on the game at: www.dragonsprophetthegame.com. SOE is now offering three Dragon Packs for Dragon's Prophet, guaranteeing VIP Beta access, along with exclusive dragons, tons of items and a housing starter kit. For a limited time, Dragon Packs can be purchased for as low as $19.99 from the Dragon's Prophet website. To purchase and for more details, visit: https://www.dragonsprophetthegame.com/vip-access.vm.

Dragon’s Prophet entered closed beta about a week ago, so go sign up at the official website and get ready to catch’em all. Dragons, that is.

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