Epic Games’ Fortnite is going to “ship this year”

Fortnite's Trophies and Achievements

And now for a little trip to development hell – do you remember a little craft and shoot game called Fortnite, developed by Gears of War creators Epic Games? It was announced in 2011, hibernated until 2013 and later had a couple of alphas, the last one in March 2015. In the meantime, Epic Games has announced and soft-launched Paragon on PC and PS4 and is actively working on the new community-driven and free Unreal Tournament.

And Fortnite? A closed beta was promised for late 2015 but nothing happened.

Now, during GDC 2017 Epic’s Tim Sweeney has told that the game is set to ship “in the year ahead”, according to PC Gamer. Later, an e-mail clarification from an Epic Games rep confirmed that the “year ahead” is 2017: “2017 is correct!”. That was it, and although it's the least info a studio can give about a game that is in development for so many years, it's good to know it's not canceled. Our guess is that some kind of beta may happen late 2017, if Fortnite doesn't slip into obscurity again.

Fortnite is a third-person survival combat kind of game where you have to pick a class and along with your teammates, scavenge the world for resources to build forts and several traps, as nighttime brings a terrible breed of monsters.

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