Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4 Project SU MMORPG is now Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja mobile MMORPG

Epic Games and Loong Entertainment have settled on the definite name for their mobile sandbox MMORPG previously known as Project SU. Dragon Raja is the title revealed during the Unreal Open Day 2019 but, oddly enough, this name was already around for a while in older tech videos.

Nonetheless, Dragon Raja is an anticipated Unreal Engine 4 MMORPG that snagged the Most Anticipated Game award at UOD2019. Mixing elements from Western, Chinese and Japanese cultures with fantasy elements, the outstanding visuals are the highlight of the game, but its open-world nature is also being compared to PC and console MMOs. Physics are also part of the game, with footprints in the snow and jewelry that swings in reaction to character movement, among other things.

Dragon Raja offers a sandbox experience but also brings PvP for up to 100 players, different jobs where you can evolve.

Dragon Raja will release in western markets in Q4 2019. You can watch some stunning trailers below, but scroll down a bit more and you'll find some actual gameplay and character creation videos from the final closed beta test.

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