Eterlands is realistic new MOBA and RPG mix

Eterlands is a new free-to-play MOBA that tries to spice up the genre with a few ideas but also a focus on realistic environments and physics. It also reminds us of Baldur's Gate, something that can only be a good thing.

Eterlands offers a fully destructible environment where players are capable of destroying walls, towers, trees and even the ground, resulting in permanent changes to the terrain. You can even use this in several ways to take the upper hand – you can destroy a bridge in order to make the walkways impassable, demolish rockwalls to kill your enemies and breaking a dam to flood parts of the map to slow down your enemies are gameplay options. Eterlands even includes a full day and night cycle and weather, including snow and rain.

Eterlands is a game where teamplay is essential and where combat is brutal, filled with visual effects and very tactical. Arrows or magic, enemies will fly realistically all over the map.

You can subscribe at the official website for updates. Don't forget to check the gameplay trailer below to see all those beautiful effects in action!

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