Evercore Heroes, new game from ex-LoL staff enters closed beta this month

Evercore Heroes

New studio Vela Games has announced that the Evercore Heroes closed beta starts on June 20, 2023 for PC. The first game from staff that previously worked in titles such as League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Fortnite, among others, is a competitive PvE game that defies description and is said “not to be a MOBA, an MMO, or a loot grind.”

The closed beta announcement came with two new trailers showcasing the Evercore Heroes gameplay and the heroes at your disposal.

Each match in this game places four teams of four heroes – from a total of 16 available for this beta – fighting for specific goals. Your first step is to battle enemies to power up your heroes, also by grabbing the randomized power-ups found on the map. It's a game of teamwork, as you and your partners protect and level up the Evercore, the last line of defense. Surviving monster onslaughts and protecting the Evercore is crucial to avoid elimination.

The videos get into some interesting detail over the mechanics of the game, which seem to mix MOBA gameplay with action-adventure, with graphics that some of you may find reminiscent of Riot Games' blockbuster.

If you want a shot on the Evercore Heroes closed beta, there are Founder's Packs available to grant entry on the official website.

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