Evolve Stage 2 is shutting down for good, after being in limbo for years

Evolve Stage 2 is shutting down

Fans of asymmetrical shooters surely remember Evolve, Turtle Rock Studios' 4v1 first-person shooter where players faced huge creatures controlled by another player. When publisher 2K made Evolve free-to-play way back in July 2016, it seemed a bit late to save the game. And it was. Now, after nearly a couple of years without any update whatsoever, as Turtle Rock confirmed, Evolve is finally going to shut down for good.

In September, Evolve Stage 2's (the free-to-play version of Evolve) servers will be closed entirely, while Legacy Evolve will still be available somewhat, but in a crippled format – you won't have any dedicated servers, so no ranked play, leaderboards, or even in-game store. You can play as long as you choose Quick Play, custom games and Evacuation mode, but only through peer-to-peer networking, or you can play solo against the machine.

Doesn't sound like many players will take the bother to play a dead game, although Evolve was a nice effort that just didn't realize its full potential.

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