F2P Valkyria game announced, it’s not what you expected

Sega surely likes to surprise with its Valkyria series. After a beautiful PS3 game and a couple of sequels on PSP, now the franchise is heading to PC in the shape of a free-to-play browser-based card game called Valkyria Duel.

Handled by NHN Hangame, Valkyria Duel is also planned for smartphones. With over 200 characters from the series and 3D battle scenes that actually look like the previous games, Valkyria Duel is going to feature the gorgeous anime artwork players love so much, as well as some isometric screens for resource management and stuff. As usual, the plan is to support the free to play game with the sale of virtual items.

No word yet if Valkyria Duel is going to be released in English.

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