Fairy Tail: Hero’s Journey reveals six new wizards

Fairy Tail Hero's Journey

GameSamba has revealed six new wizards for the upcoming free-to-play anime MMORPG, Fairy Tail: Hero’s Journey. This is the only officially licensed game based on the Fairy Tail series and will show a retelling of the Fairy Tail story, where players recruit a team of Fairy Tail wizards.

Players will recruit and team up with wizards from Fairy Tail, beginning their journey as one of six new wizards. These wizards fall into three classes: Elemental Magic (see them in the header image), Combat Magic, and Guns Magic. You can choose between male and female characters and some choices in the game will tune their style of magic.

Gamesamba didn't go into details about these six new Fairy Tail wizards but promised that new info will be revealed as we get closer to the closed beta, which is planned for around July or August 2017.

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