Firefall celebrates Halloween with Night of the Melding


Red 5 Studios today announced that Firefall’s Halloween festivities have begun. The Tribe is treating fans to a “Night of the Melding” Halloween celebration complete with spooky collectibles and a new Warpaint system for some devilish customization. In addition, Red 5 has released two creepy Halloween-themed short films for gamers to enjoy.

Since the Halloween festivities will only be running for a limited time, Red 5 has extended its offer of immediate beta access for founding members, giving everyone a chance to join:

Firefall’s latest update brings the “Night of the Melding”, a Halloween celebration lasting an entire fortnight. Players can purchase limited edition Halloween-themed items including animated tombstones, invisibility-granting bat-bombs, skull and witch hats along with many other collectibles. The festivities are just getting started and will run until Nov 14.

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