Firefall’s open beta date announced


After what seemed positively like an eternity in closed beta, the free-to-play shooter Firefall is finally getting an open beta date. Red 5 Studios will open the game to all players on July 9, 2013. Red 5 also laid out Firefall’s final stage of Closed Beta testing and released an Open Beta FAQ ( to inform new players about its beta process.

Players can look forward to a final stage of Closed Beta testing which will flesh out Firefall’sdynamic open world and deepen existing systems. Upcoming content includes:

– City Power Levels: Players will receive new bonuses and rewards in the open world by increasing the power level of major cities through local missions and encounters.
– Melding Exploration: By raising city power levels and unlocking special dropships, players will finally be able to enter and explore pockets of the deadly Melding energy storm surrounding New Eden.
– Chosen Instances: Fortifying the open world allows players to take the fight to the Chosen, driving back the hostile alien race in epic new battle instances.
– Crafting and Progression: Players will continue to see major additions to crafting and Battleframe progression (including the new UI).

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