Flyff goes all Midas on us, turns Gold on July 11

Webzen 10th anniversary

gPotato just announced that the revamped version of Flyff: Fly For Fun will launch on July 11. This cherished free to play MMORPG is coming back with new features to make it more up to date with the current times.

Flyff Gold has a brand new Weapon Transformation system that transfers the stats from any weapon to another weapon of the same type. This means that you can turn any wooden sword into a mean killing machine that the enemies will never see coming.

The Consignment Marketplace is a new system inspired by player requests. Anyone can bring their loot and set their price in the new market, immediately freeing up their inventory and placing sales into an automated system. Shoppers can teleport to the market to find prices for the item they want in one single, central storefront with an easy search feature.

Put that new gear to the test in PvP and win great rewards in Guild Siege events! Charge into an eight-way guild battle and win exquisite items like the never-before released Golden Wings, rare Cloak of Honor, and more that will be revealed through victory. The rewards include the same top level equipment as dungeons, so anyone who prefers PvP can gear up entirely through Guild Siege events.

Brag about those achievements on social networks, instant messages, or the Flyff forums without ever leaving the game thanks to the addition of the Overwolf client. This small, optional overlay with custom tabs lets players access the web, record videos, play music, and much more!

The Road to Flyff Gold continues with on-going Log-In and Level-Up events to help players get ready for July 11. Prepare for launch and preview the new features at the official website for Flyff Gold.

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