Fortnite Battle Royale is live and free, adds Duos and Squad matches

Fortnite Battle Royale

Someone's not going to be pleased. Epic Games has just released the Fortnite Battle Royale standalone mode free for everyone, just as promised. This PvP battleground for 100 players tries to take a bite of the delicious cake that games such as H1Z1 and, above all, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds are enjoying, and isn't afraid to quote those games as inspiration.

You don't have to solo through all this though – Fortnite Battle Royale includes Duos and Squad (up to four players) match types, so you can grab a few friends to go with you. It's funny to see that friendly fire is enabled, so watch where you shoot – and no intentional team killing, as that violates the rules of conduct and could get you in trouble.

Go ahead and download Fortnite Battle Royale for PC and PlayStation 4, with the Xbox One version coming later today.

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