Free kick: FIFA is going free-to-play?

Electronic Arts has a few free-to-play versions of popular franchises running – Battlefield Heroes, Need For Speed World and more – and they plan to launch more in the future. FIFA may be one of the next choices, according to the results seen in the Asian market, where FIFA Online is a ravaging success.

Andrew Wilson, EA Sports’ Executive Vice President revealed that the Asian free-to-play FIFA Online generated four times the revenue ($100 million) from that of the standard boxed versions that we know in Europe and US. So, he adds that the F2P model may be similarly successful in the West and that may lead EA to rethink its publishing strategies.

EA Sports already released a FIFA Online to the European crowd, but it was oddly enough canceled even during the open beta stage. However, this game was far different from the usual FIFAs and that may have been one of the causes of the sudden shut down.

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