Free MOBA SMITE releases on March 25, 2014

Hi-Rez Studios just announced the launch date of the free-to-play 3D MOBA game SMITE, the one which is making a lot of waves thanks to its undoubtedly high quality. SMITE will launch in North America and Europe on Tuesday 25 March 2014. There's also a LAN tournament planned to celebrate the launch. There's more good news: player progress during open beta will be carried over to the final release and all beta players who reach level 30 before the launch date will unlock the Cacodemon skin for the playable god Ymir.

The $100,000 SMITE Launch Tournament will take place on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 March 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia front of a live audience. The tournament will include the top four teams in Europe and the top four in North America who will have qualified from the SMITE Weekly Tournament Series beginning on 4 January 2014. The event will also be live-streamed worldwide via Further information on SMITE tournaments can be found on

So far, SMITE has attracted over 2,500,000 registered players, which is a very impressive number. SMITE's success is also one of the reasons why Hi-Rez Studios isn't paying much attention to the free MMOFPS Tribes: Ascend.

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