Free-to-play FPS and RTS Heroes & Generals enters open beta

Square Enix just announced that the Reto-Moto-developed free MMO game Heroes & Generals has entered open beta. The studio is comprised of Hitman veterans (the game series, not in real life) and is set in World War II.

Heroes and Generals mixes FPS and RTS elements. Playing as a soldier in the battlefield you can fight your way with your comrades shooting, driving tanks, flying planes and even riding a bicycle if you can’t find any other vehicle around. If you get the role of General, you take a back seat and have a more strategic approach to war, managing resources, units and calling in reinforcements.

The open beta announcement was accompanied by a new trailer and the launch of a Mobile Command app for iOS and Android. With this app players can get a live view of the active campaign, “observing battlefields, supply lines and assault teams in real-time.”

If you like rich WWII shooters, you can sign up and play Heroes & Generals right away.

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