Free-to-play MMOFPS F.E.A.R. Online announced

The F.E.A.R. franchise is making an unexpected return by the hands of Aeria Games. The popular horror FPS series is returning with F.E.A.R. Online, a new shooter developed by Korean studio Inplay Interactive and published in the US by Aeria Games. While the game will focus mostly on its shooting, the ominous Alma Wade will also be a part of it. Besides PvP, F.E.A.R. Online includes cooperative scenarios for up to four players that unfold parallel to the events of F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin.

The F.E.A.R. Online official website is already open and you can sign up for the upcoming closed beta. The teaser trailer shows a few bits of gameplay and of Alma Wade. The F.E.A.R. series already included one free MMOFPS game called F.E.A.R. Combat.

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