Free-to-play MMORPG Divina officialy launches

Divina is the latest free-to-play MMORPG to launch on Gamania’s US beanfun! platform. Developed by Playcoo, the team who made Lucent Heart, Divina brings players to a vibrant world filled with Gods and Demons on a quest to save the land from Ragnarok, the end of everything. Divina offers unique features such as the class-swapping Quick Change system, creature transformation system, professional voice acting by anime stars, and customizable companions that fight alongside players – on top of thousands of open world quests.

New to Divina are unique hairstyles and face shapes, the Rescue Chicken mount, and White Miluko mini-pet.

–    White Miluko: Don’t be fooled by her adorable appearance; this tiny tiger’s claws aren’t just for show. While summoned, Divina’s mini-pets hover sweetly behind their master giving passive buffs during battle.

–    Rescue Chicken: Whenever there’s danger, Rescue Chicken is ready to save the day…or at least help with a speedy getaway! Rescue Chicken increases Movement Speed by 130.

This weekend, players will receive double loot to celebrate Divina’s launch.  The event begins Friday at 7:00PM PDT and runs until Sunday at 7:00PM PDT. In addition, Gamania will mark the beginning of the 2012 Olympic Games with Divina’s Olympic March of the Penguins event. Players can join the ceremonial march from Sacred Springs to Sakura Shrine on Friday, July 27th, at 5:00PM PDT.

Players can join Divina by signing up at

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