Fruit Ninja: Naruto Saga adds fruit farming feature

Naruto Saga is a free MMORPG from IceGames and is currently in open beta (play it here). And since it's not all fighting and completing quests, the game has just received a new feature: the ability to create your own ninja farm!

Ninjas use their farm to grow rare Summoning Fruits – the super-food needed to upgrade their powerful Spiritual Beasts. Beasts are an important aide in battles and quests and they thrive on well grown Summoning Fruit, but going out into the wild to find them food can be a cumbersome task. Now, ninjas are being encouraged to live off the land and grow the fruit themselves. Summoning Fruits are much like crops; they must be planted, watered, weeded, and treated for insects and pests to ensure they grow properly before harvest.

Farms level and grow automatically, so long as players deal with any problems that might…crop up…along the way. When a farm levels up, the land expands to accommodate more fruits. Keeping the farm safe and picking fruits when they ripen will ensure an easier ride for the green-fingered ninja. Friends can visit and admire each other's farms too, so ninjas should put down their shurikens and don their gardening gloves every once in a while if they really want to impress!

naruto saga farming

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