Gamania (Core Blaze) shutting down

Free-to-play games publisher Gamania, which operates the BeanFun! portal is in difficult position. According to a post in the official forum and other reports, the servers and all operations will be shutting down in the US and UK markets. Besides the games Web Koihime Musou, Divina and Lucent Heart, as well as the recently shut down Soul Captor, Gamania was working on the anticipated Core Blaze.

Here’s the forum post:

“Dear Beanfun! Community of Gamers,

This week we regret to announce that we will be closing down all of our servers by January 13th, 2013. We have been able to grow together and share in some great times, and watch as you guys grew into a community of gamers we are proud to call our own. It is time to renew our contracts with PlayCoo and sadly we aren’t able to continue hosting these wonderful games. This decision happened very quickly and we wish we could give you more time, but unfortunately could not.

Web Koihime Musou servers will close down on December 31st, 2012, while Divina and Lucent Heart will remain open until January 13th, 2013, when we will shut down all operations. At this time we’ve turned off the beanpoint shop so you will not be able to purchase anymore more beanpoints, and our Item Malls will be closing very soon. While we cannot offer compensation for items that were purchased, we are looking into some sort of compensation for any player who still has beanpoints left on their account. Also our Customer Support Department will remain active until January 31st, 2013, so you can still contact them if you have any questions or issues.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the games as much as we’ve enjoyed supporting them and this great community. Thank you for playing! <3”

We can only hope that other publisher can pick up some of the games, including Core Blaze. Nexon was once interested in Gamania, so that’s a possibility. What do you think of the fate of these games?

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