Game of Thrones developer announces Star Trek Timelines

Disruptor Beam, the makers of Game of Thrones Ascent MMORPG just revealed their new project. It's another important IP, but this time it's less swords and more phasers – Star Trek Timelines. The new game is planned to release on PC web browsers, iOS and Android devices but there's no release schedule yet. Based on the Star Trek series and episodes from across all eras, you will be able to play alongside your friends and your favorite characters — solving conflicts using science, diplomacy, and battle.

This will be a character-centric game, somewhat based on the template seen on Game of Thrones Ascent but going even deeper. The studio wants to “focus on giving you beautiful vistas of outer space, artistic renderings of your favorite characters, and a conflict mechanic where science and diplomacy are just as important as your ability to fire photon torpedoes. This means that some aspects of the game will be more “abstract” than you’d experience in a first-person perspective game – but we think it’s the right way to create the right experience for Star Trek.”

Jon Radoff from Disruptor Beam added: “Some aspects of this game will be familiar to people who have played Game of Thrones Ascent: dialog-driven storytelling, character development and a deep crafting system are all part of our vision for Star Trek Timelines. However, we want Star Trek Timelines to feature a more immersive exploration system (such as the ability to take your starship from place to place, and see what these unique areas look like) and a more detailed tactical system where you make decisions in the course of conflict resolution.”

The only thing shown so far is a teaser trailer without anything to give an idea about the game. You can check the official website to keep up to date with this game.

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