Gamigo massively online breach, go change your password

The online gaming portal Gamigo suffered from a security incident in early March 2012 and while no details were released at the time, now we know that this resulted in a leak of 8 million usernames, e-mail addresses, and passwords.

Now, the stolen data was republished on the Internet. Gamigo said that they took all necessary measures to minimize the impact of the attack, including notification of all affected users and the relevant civil authorities. Gamigo also made all users change their passwords, that although were encrypted, 94% of them were easily cracked by a password-cracking forum called InsidePro.

The leak was distributed mostly in 3 million American accounts, 1.3 million French accounts, and 2.4 million German accounts.

Gamigo publishes games such as Loong, Black Prophecy, King of Kings 3, Jagged Alliance Online and the anticipated Otherland.

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