Genshin Impact announces first TCG tournament Astra Carnival: The Prince Cup

Genshin Impact Astra Carnival The Prince Cup

Genshin Impact is getting even more exciting with the announcement of the first Genius Invokation TCG Tournament series. Called Astra Carnival: The Prince Cup, it will start in the latter half of 2023, so you can start practicing until then. With a prize pool of over 270,000 US Dollars, there will surely be many contestants from all over the world.

The Genius Invokation TCG is a card game that was introduced to the open world action RPG Genshin Impact in December 2022. Recently, this game mode saw the addition of over 60 cards and two game modes, expanding its scope.

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The Astra Carnival: The Prince Cup is an advanced tournament to bring together talented players from different areas and provide fun for its community. Currently, the Prince Cup consists of two parts: six regional tournaments happening between June to September, plus three cross-regional invitationals in June, August, and December.

In each regional, top candidates from the “Cat’s Tail Gathering” community tournaments and wildcard competitions will compete for the regional championship, and players who advance to the quarter-finals will compete on-site, with the live broadcast on the official Astra Carnival Twitter, YouTube, Twitch and TikTok channel. Top regional candidates as well as top community tournament candidates may also get invited to the invitationals and take part in exhibition games for the international audience.

Regionals in Korea, Europe, and North America will kick off first, with wildcard competition sign-ups open today. For more details on rules and registration, check the official tournament website.

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