Genshin Impact highlights player stories in Endless Journey video

Genshin Impact player stories

Roughly two years from its acclaimed launch, Genshin Impact is still going strong with many players marveled by the new nations, playable characters, and events coming in frequent updates. HoYoverse knows very well that the players are responsible for the huge success and every now and then reward them with in-game treats, terrific collectibles, and even a couple of fantastic global online concerts so far. But the latest campaign called Endless Journey is all about putting players front and center.

This global marketing campaign acknowledges that Genshin Impact has touched the hearts and minds of players all around the world, and pays tribute to some of those stories and the events that united so many players around this game. This short documentary runs for nearly five minutes and packs quite an emotional punch, with the stories perfectly tied by HoYoverse's traditional impactful music.

It's easy to say that as a player that was with Genshin Impact right there at the start, this video is capable to bring tears to the eyes of many. From over 150,000 stories that were shared in HoYoLAB, HoYoverse's gaming community forum, many were chosen and placed in real-life location outdoors in several regions for everyone to see.

Genshin Impact has just celebrated its second anniversary and Teyvat is yet far from its completion, with three nations out of the planned seven yet to be released. Recently we could explore Inazuma and Sumeru, but if the rumors are correct, we're yet to get Fontaine (hydro), Natlan (pyro), and Snezhnaya (cryo).

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play open world anime RPG available on PC, Android, iOS, and PlayStation, with cross-platform play and save. The long-discussed Nintendo version is most likely abandoned at this time, with no official comment regarding the previously announced Wii version.

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