Ghost ‘n Goblins Online: F2P game added on Steam Greenlight (UPD)

Update: The Ghost ‘n Goblins Online page was just pulled from Steam Greenlight by Capcom, who said that it was posted as a mistake “by the game's Korean developer”. This makes the English release uncertain, once again.

Original story: The once popular Ghost ‘n Goblins franchise is making a return soon thanks to Ghost ‘n Goblins Online, a free-to-play action RPG developed by Korean studio Seed9. Nostalgic players will certainly enjoy the updated but somehow faithful art style, with the side-scrolling camera – thankfully, they decided against going for full 3D.

Ghost ‘n Goblins Online just appeared on Steam Greenlight, so there's mention of an English version in the works. Now it's up to players to make this happen, if they want to try the extreme difficulty of the Demonic Dimension stages and the new skill-based PvP combat up to 6 players.

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