Global Agenda 2 is spiritual successor, beta possibly this year

It's been a long time since Hi-Rez Studios said something about the sequel to Global Agenda, being busy with the acclaimed MOBA SMITE, adding new gods to it and counting all the money that is coming in. That's how we picture the success of SMITE anyway. But there's more to this studio; unfortunately not much more to Tribes: Ascend, which is kind of there but without any real support. On the other hand, Global Agenda 2 is still a thing.

Hi-Rez Studios CEO Erez Goren took to Reddit to say something about Global Agenda 2's progress, including that closed beta is planned for later this year, if things go as expected. Apparently it's a spiritual sequel to Global Agenda and a domain registration points to the name Global Assault, so keep this name in mind. Also, the PvP focus that was revealed quite a while ago seems to be true, with objective-based 5v5 PvP and E-sports will be supported. There are no fixed classes (you play as you want to) and viewpoint switches between first and third-person, with the “shooting mostly in first-person”. There's a “dome city area” which probably acts as a hub where players may interact.

Without open world elements and PvE, do you think Global Agenda 2, or Global Assault, will make an impact on fans of the first game?

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