Grimlands goes from canceled to Kickstarter

It came as a nuclear explosion of a surprise that the free MMO shooter Grimlands was canceled by Gamigo a couple of weeks ago. But it seems that Drago Entertainment, the studio developing the game, isn’t ready to let go of this dusty, radioactive project (OK, no more puns) that is in development for five years.

Drago has turned on to Kickstarter to help finish the game and maintain its “original vision”. The studio is asking for $650,000 and judging by the first days, it’s a difficult task. If you’re in lack of Fallout/Fallen Earth online shooters then go there and vote with your wallet.

Grimlands was in closed beta when Gamigo cut its ties with the game, which should offer shooting, stealth and cover mechanics to use in open world and dungeons, as well as PvE and PvP.

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