Guns and Robots screens, robots go shooting each other

Earthrise and Fallout Online (the canceled Interplay Project V13) developer Masthead is working on Guns and Robots, a game where the title pretty much says it all. This is a free-to-play third person online shooter where players will get their hands on a large arsenal of weaponry, engage in fast-paced multiplayer arena battles, and climb up ranks by rallying up achievements.

Guns and Robots features a place called Burn-in Garage (BIG) where players can assemble their fighting robots from scratch with a wide range of weapons and over 150 components, and test the looks, movement and the robot configurations in the custom-map with breakable objects. It's all looking very Team Fortress 2 and MicroVolts with robots.

Guns and Robots is scheduled for December 2012. The official website is here:

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