Hailan Rising begins open beta, invites you to crash servers

Hailan Rising is the new free-to-play MMORPG from publisher GamersFirst and is now in open beta. This game is powered by the popular Unity engine and the developers are inviting players to crash the servers in the “Wreck it Week” contest, which runs from February 21 through 26. Prizes are as follows:

• Third Prize: 10,000 G1C, GamersFirst’s game currency, valued at $125.00 US dollars.
• Second Prize: 20,000 G1C valued at $250.00 US dollars.
• Grand Prize: 40,000 G1C valued at $500.00 US dollars, an epic-quality in-game item, an original weapon named after their in-game character for “Wrecking the World,” and a Quality Assurance acknowledgment in the game credits.

So, who’s up for crashing some servers?

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