Hero Cantale is a new mobile RPG based on The God of Highschool from Naver Webtoons

Hero Cantale

NGELGAMES has just announced that its upcoming mobile anime RPG Hero Cantale has reached 400,000 pre-registrations in ten days.

Hero Cantale is based on The God of High School and Hardcore Leveling Warrior cartoon webseries from Naver Webtoons. This turn-based RPG will feature improved artwork for characters, scenarios, and of course, animations. The strategic combat is going to feature powerful skills unique for each hero.

The pre-registration will reward players with magic stones as well as dimensional accelerators that can be used to acquire new heroes, among other gifts. If the pre-registrations hit 1 million before the official launch, players get to unlock special heroes such as Yu Mi-Ra.

There is no gameplay of Hero Cantale yet, but you can watch a couple of trailers below and get to know some of the heroes.

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