Hero of the Obelisk aka Dungeon Hero announced, CB soon

GBE Games, publisher of The Aurora World, just announced their new and also free MMORPG: Hero of the Obelisk, which is in fact Dungeon Hero, a hack and slash MMO with chibi characters. The game is developed by Eyasoft, the studio responsible for Legend of Edda and Luna Online, among others.

As the name implies – well, the original name, at least -, Hero of the Obelisk will get players through several dungeons, over 100 to be more precise, with fast-paced action combat. There's also open world PvP with modes such as Siege Battle, Battlefield and AoS-based PVP, where the player controls a unique hero and goes against other players in a MOBA style of sorts.

You can sign up to the closed beta, which is scheduled to begin on October 10th, at the official website.

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