Homeworld creators reveal new F2P RTS Hardware: Shipbreakers

For many years millions of players wished for the return of the Homeworld series, but to no avail. When all hope seemed lost, here’s that Blackbird Interactive announces Hardware: Shipbreakers. But who are they and what game is this?

Well, here’s the great news – Blackbird Interactive is a new studio mostly founded by ex-members of Relic Entertainment, the studio that developed Homeworld. Hardware: Shipbreakers is an upcoming free-to-play 3D RTS game that seems to take the concept of Homeworld to the next level. The announcement trailer shows some real-time gameplay and gives us a taste of a few air and land vehicles and RTS mechanics. And it looks quite frankly amazing.

The closed beta is scheduled for Q4 2013 and you can already sign-up at the official website.

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