Honkai Impact 3rd Part 2 brings full combat upgrade and goes to Mars

Honkai Impact 3rd Part 2 brings full combat upgrade

HoYoverse has just revealed an upcoming Honkai Impact 3rd with a massive content update and reworking of the combat mechanics. With Honkai Impact 3rd Part 2, the adventure is now leaving Earth and Moon, and heading to Mars, while playing as a team supporter named “Dreamseeker.”

Combat was revamped for this update, with all characters able to jump at will, providing additional strategies for attack and defense. A new combat mechanic called Astral Ring allows players to unleash simultaneous burst skills from different characters, resulting in some stunning effects and heavy damage. Enemy AI was also overhauled, with more diverse reactions from the various foes, enriching the combat system.

Here is the lowdown on the story for Honkai Impact 3rd Part 2:

The journey exclusive to Honkai Impact 3rd willstart anew, welcoming all newcomers and avid fans alike! This time, players will encounter all-new main characters and NPCs with distinct looks and personalities, go through the new main plot that comprehensively integrates new scenes, narrations, and combat system together, and indulge themselves in a smoother and more immersive gaming experience. Contrary to common knowledge, Mars, where the story of Part 2 debuts, is inhabitable. Unique civilization and nature exist and develop there, and people can even hang out on bustling, lively commercial streets. There may also be mysteries hidden behind the daily lives of residents that have yet to be discovered!

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