Housemarque is running a new North American stress test for Stormdivers

Housemarque test Stormdivers

Arcade expert Housemarque has just announced a new stress test for its upcoming Battle Royale game Stormdivers. This time the focus is on the North American servers, so log in and try to crash the game.

This test is taking place between June 5 and June 7. It will feature six new locations, the ones that we have talked about recently: Odin’s Lair, Marshlands, The Pit, Beachhead, Trainworks and The Cove.

If you still don't have a key for Stormdivers, head over to the official website, sign up and you should get one.

Housemarque is keeping Stormdivers' business model under wraps, but recent statements are pointing to free-to-play, mostly due to the heavy competition. Stormdivers feels like a desperate try from a studio used to developing acclaimed arcade action games that failed to translate into commercial successes. Let's hope this works out for them.


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