Hyper Universe is a side-scrolling MOBA by Nexon

Hyper Universe female skins

It looks like Master x Master isn't the only MOBA game that Nexon is going to publish. Hyper Universe is the other one, although it is developed by other studio named CWAVEsoft. We know you're getting a bit tired of seeing all these MOBAs, but at least Hyper Universe looks like it is trying to do something different, and that differentiating feature is the perspective chosen for the action – this is going to be a very unusual side-scrolling MOBA.

The characters, or hypers, are divided in six roles: Striker, Technician, Stalker, Bruiser, Tanker, and Supporter. One funny detail is that some of the characters seem to be based off popular names in culture or videogames. For example, we could easily spot the Power Rangers, but we also saw a Chun-Li lookalike, one character clearly resembling Bruce Lee and we'll let you guess a few of the others that you can see in the list below.

hyper universe characters

You can also watch the first gameplay trailer on the official website if you wait a bit for it to load, but MMOCulture made it easier by uploading it, as you can watch right now:

You can see the current characters in all their individual detail on the official website. The first test is scheduled to begin September 9, 2015, but as is usually the case, this is for South Korea only so far.

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