Icarus Online is coming to NA and EU as Riders of Icarus

We have been following WeMade Entertainment's Icarus Online for quite a few years now, marveling at the visual detail and the ability to collect and train hundreds of different land and air wild beasts, mostly dragons, in a Dragon's Prophet kind of way. We also grew more and more desperate as months went by and there were no news on a western release.

Today that has changed, with Nexon America announcing Riders of Icarus, the English localization of Icarus Online. Planned as a free-to-play MMORPG and featuring exciting aerial combat, Riders of Icarus already has its beta sign-ups open at the official website and the full release is scheduled for 2016. Riders of Icarus features an action oriented melee combo system and “theatrical boss battles”.

“With Riders of Icarus, we want to bring an all-new action element to MMORPGs: Thrilling aerial combat,” said Seok Hoon, producer, WeMade Entertainment. “There are many games with dragons and other flying mounts, but they hardly ever impact battles in a meaningful and entertaining way. In Riders of Icarus, mounts truly add another level of challenge and excitement, delivering expansive vertical gameplay in addition to action-oriented ground mount combat.”

The initial Riders of Icarus beta test begins Thursday, January 28 and run through Tuesday, February 2, being open to United States, Canada and Mexico. A larger closed beta test will follow at a later date for North America, Mexico, Europe and Australia/New Zealand.

Here is a new gameplay video from December 2015 as well as some old footage of the character creation system.

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