It’s Me is Clover Games’ next social simulation anime RPG

It's Me Clover Games

Clover Games has revealed the first official trailer for #Me, or It's Me, the next game from the studio responsible for the highly polished hero collector RPG Lord of Heroes. This time we're going into a world where you can be “anything you have dreamed of,” in a game that is more social simulation and about hanging around with your buddies performing many activities, although there's also dungeon battles.

The info is slim at the moment, but we do know that this RPG will allow you to explore various life skills such as mining, fishing, logging, doing tasks, interacting with the villagers, and more. One of the mechanics that is going to stand out is chatting with NPCs via a messenger system, something that is really meta because It's Me is developed for Android and iOS.

The colorful cartoon graphics are powered by Unreal Engine and the game will be played in portrait mode, something that is meant to make it feel more comfortable and easy to use. However, the great visuals probably would shine with a horizontal perspective, but that's just how we see it.

There's no release date for this RPG but you can watch the reveal trailer below. Any fans of Animal Crossing, Rune Factory, or even the never-released Peria Chronicles should keep an eye out for this game.

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