Kingdom Under Fire II Experience Beta Test ends, huge success

The Kingdom Under Fire 2 experience beta test has ended on January 26th and both SEA publisher MMOG Asia and developer Blueside seem very happy with the outcome. The publisher promises to bring this blend of action MMORPG and RTS to all SEA players “very soon” – hopefully without the IP block which left quite a few players out of the beta test.

Kingdom Under Fire II was surprisingly well optimized and ran in perfect conditions in not so powerful computers, something that is a tribute to the developer's efforts seeing that there can be quite a few hundreds of characters fighting at the same time onscreen. This is one of the most anticipated free MMORPGs of 2014, after many years in what seemed like development hell. While Kingdom Under Fire 2 has a North America and Europe launch confirmed for 2014, we're yet to know the publisher.

Don't forget to check some of our Kingdom Under Fire 2 gameplay videos from the experience beta test: character creation and intro and Spellsword tutorial.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 beta test

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