KingsRoad F2P action MMO enters open beta

Rumble Entertainment announced that the action role-playing game KingsRoad in now in open beta across Facebook and web browsers. KingsRoad combines the epic scope of traditional RPGs with the accessibility offered by browser games. With session-based gameplay, drop-in cooperative multiplayer, and absolutely no barriers to entry, KingsRoad gives players a truly epic action-RPG experience every time they log in.

In KingsRoad, players take on the role of knight, archer, or wizard, embarking on a journey across the kingdom of Alderstone to reclaim their land from the monstrous creatures that threaten it. KingsRoad offers brutal real-time combat, a robust loot and skill system, and towering bosses with none of the daunting time commitment associated with RPGs of the past.

The amazing 3D visuals in KingsRoad are powered by the latest version of Adobe Flash Player 11 and Stage3D technology, which streams high-fidelity graphics with no download or delay.

KingsRoad is a game absolutely recommended for fans of Diablo, Drakensang Online or Path of exile. If you’re still thinking about playing it, check out our KingsRoad first look below.

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