League of Legends 2 will never happen, says Riot Games

Since League of Legends has 27 million users playing on a daily basis, you'd be fooled to think that Riot Games is planning a sequel to the hugely successful free-to-play MOBA. However, considering everything that a sequel would imply, we understand why senior environment artist Brent Critchfield told Polygon that a League of Legends 2 will never happen: “I want my great grand-children playing this game”.

Riot Games plans to keep releasing patches and significant updates to League of Legends for decades, instead of going for the risky full scale sequel.

While we won't be seeing League of Legends 2, the studio plans to work on new IP. A while ago there was a leak on League of Legends: Supremacy, a card game that was allegedly complete but unreleased, turning out to be “one of many prototypes” Riot Games worked on, as president and co-founder Marc Merrill stated.

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