League of Geeks announces digital board game Armello

Indie game development collective, League of Geeks, today revealed its debut title, Armello, a game that is slated for release on tablets in 2013. A release window for other platforms is yet to be announced.

Armello is a natively-digital multiplayer card and board game set in a fairy-tale animal kingdom. With the King of Armello corrupted and insane, four animal clans compete in a race to claim the crown. The League of Geeks team has around 15 developers involved, many of whom have numerous years of experience developing on console and PC. They are working for a percentage of the profits in lieu of any upfront payment, a model that isn’t very common and that basically means that the revenue actually depends on the overall quality of the game and player acclaim.

Armello will be completely 3D, with beautifully animated visuals – just check the impressive announcement trailer to confirm this. League of Geeks promises AAA production values and will be free-to-play, using an economy model based on F2P games such as League of Legends.

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