Lost Ark enters closed beta today, we have keys

Lost Ark enters closed beta

Lost Ark has just entered the next stage of closed beta today, publisher Amazon Games has announced. This beta is live and runs through November 11, 2021, being available for players who have signed up at playlostark.com and received a key. If you weren't so lucky, we've had a few thousand Lost Ark closed beta keys in our giveaway, so go over there right now to see if you still can grab one.

Lost Ark is going to launch in early 2022 exclusively on Steam for PC. The acclaimed MMORPG by Korean developer Smilegate is finally coming to western territories, after a few years of uncertainty, despite the game's unquestionable high quality. It all came down to the developer of New World, Amazon Games, to purchase the publishing rights.

Lost Ark closed beta keys

In Lost Ark, players explore the vast and diverse world of Arkesia on their quest to find the fabled Lost Ark and save the realm from a demonic threat. The game features 15 distinct hero classes with unique combinations of adaptable skill sets, utilizing the Tripod skill system, which allows players to select and enhance the unique traits of a combat skill when it reaches a certain level. Players will forge their own odyssey, whether alone or with allies, as they battle through dangerous dungeons, sail by ship, and even create their own island home.

This Closed Beta will give players in the West the opportunity to check out the new Martial Artist Striker Sub Class, thrilling dungeons and raids to battle through, new islands to explore while sailing, and a bevy of fresh updates, including new diverse skin tone and hair options, and more.

“We are proud to be Smilegate RPG's partner in the West and have been working tirelessly with them to provide Lost Ark fans with the best game experience possible,” said Christoph Hartmann, VP, Amazon Games. “Players around the world have shown their enthusiasm for Lost Ark and our Closed Beta is a chance for players to experience it for themselves and provide feedback to our teams as we ready for launch.”

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