Lost Ark international release is in the plans

After the impressive debut trailer of the action RPG Lost Ark, Smilegate and Tripod Studio's new and surprising game, many players were already convinced that this MMO would take forever – if at all – to leave South Korea and reach the Western market. But we can all stop crying now, Lost Ark is planned to launch in the global market.

Ji Won-gil, who heads both Tripod Studio and the Smilegate Group's affiliate Smilegate RPG, said the following to Korea Times: “We tried to depict a background which has both colors of western and eastern cultures to aim at the global market. We will think over how to localize detailed parts of the game to attract foreign users.”

So the plan is to launch Lost Ark worldwide and even localize some parts of the game to make it more suited to our Western taste. Hopefully they won't mess too much with the game, as the debut trailer, which you can watch below, was already quite impressive, and with 18 classes to choose from, we're even willing to forgive a bit of gender-locking.

Although this doesn't make anything official and we're still a good couple of years or more away from a potential release, it's great to see that Korean developers aren't forgetting about the hugely profitable North American and European regions.

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  • supman

    hmmm BNS said the same thing hmm i believe it when i see it

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  • TrueBut

    Very True BNS said the same thing but unlike BNS there hasn’t been content shown that needs to be “Localized” like i dunno every female armor in BNS. For the land of the free we have an insane amount of restrictions when it comes to what we can see in games… its fucking stupid. So I can actually see Lost Ark releasing globally with relative ease.

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    • freemmostation

      You could be on to something there. B&S could be going through a tough time due to the sexy content, although I’m not sure if that’s the case (US has a lot of mature games without any trouble).

      But I believe Lost Ark could be localized much smoother and the game seems so solid, already so advanced, that it could beat B&S anyway (if B&S is still coming, that is).

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      • TrueBut

        If you ever compare foreign releases that are localized here, they are very different in terms of “sexyness”. Huge example is Scarlet Blade Online.


        Another example would be Tera if you want to go on a less fan service based mmo.


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        • Alzakiel

          Blade and soul isnt supposed to be censored to what i know … It’s a game rated M so yeah if there is kids playing it and parent get mads … It’s the job of the parent to keep his kids away from it and not Devs job to censor it lol

          But one way or another i’ll uncensor it xD

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  • turbulance

    where did you get that number 18 from for classes? if you have a link to site it I would like to see it just so I can know personally 🙂 not calling you out I just want to see them listed.

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  • anton

    im american and im so excited!!1 the game was nice and i love it very much

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  • Vincent

    “Although this doesn’t make anything official and we’re still a good couple of years or more away from a potential release” by that time all the hype would be gone -_- years….

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  • Wunlee Buxton

    You don’t have to change anything devs, Lost Ark looks fantastic already to me! I hope I can have the audio in the original Korean too, I love the voice actors.

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