Lost Ark reveals two upcoming classes Hawkeye and Soul Master

Lost Ark new classes hawkeye soul master

A new Letter From Risha delves into some more Lost Ark secrecy, and this time it brings a couple of very interesting revelations. Without any further ado, Lost Ark is getting two new classes, but you probably reached that conclusion by reading the headline, right?

The two new classes are Hawkeye and Soul Master, and the former isn't part of the Avengers. However, it may sound a little bit odd, but Hawkeye's weapon is actually a bow, a mechanical one at that. Did they run out of original names for archer characters? Anyway, Hawkeye has different types of arrows and is a character versed in the stealth approach. As for the Soul Master, she has both a ranged attack and a close-range attack as well, and her abilities include creating a devastating circle of energy, or summoning a huge hand to crush an enemy.

There is more content coming to Lost Ark, such as the Corridor of Trials, hidden between two rugged mountains. It is said that a strong tribe from the past was able to train endlessly in these mountains.

Another piece of content, and a very interesting one, is the new card item system. You can earn different cards in Lost Ark by means of several activities, such as hunting monsters, helping someone or offering them a gift, among other possibilities. You can then build your deck and participate in card battles. Is Lost Ark doing a GWENT or they won't go that far?

Lost ark classes hawkeye soul master

Lost Ark new classes hawkeye soul master

Lost Ark new classes hawkeye soul master

This content will probably be introduced in Lost Ark's third closed beta, but we should get another Letter From Risha before that, with “a very interesting story.” The beta date, probably? The letter ends with a new piano piece from the Lost Ark soundtrack, called Tears on the Glacier Island.

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