Lost City of Omu update is coming to Neverwinter in February

neverwinter lost city of omu

There is no stopping Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic with their Neverwinter expansions. The upcoming Lost City of Omu update was just announced and will be available on February 27 for PC and later on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

This update continues the Tomb of Annihilation storyline and pits players against the wicked lich, Acererak. It also includes new adventure zones, a new endgame trial, an expanded Tomb of Annihilation campaign and some gameplay adjustments.

“There is more to the Tomb of Annihilation and the death curse gripping Faerûn, and adventurers must seek answers in the Lost City of Omu. A mysterious new zone filled with crumbling temple ruins and a labyrinth of underground tunnels offers new monsters to hunt, treasures to uncover, repeatable adventures and Heroic Encounters featuring the dreaded Tyrant, an undead T-Rex with unique attacks. Continuing their campaign against the evil lich, adventurers will delve into a lair infested with yuan-ti, where they must beat the odds and unearth secrets of the Trickster Gods to overcome Acererak and the death curse.”

Lost City of Omu also brings several improvements to Neverwinter, such as adjustments to class powers, and removal of the 60-70 leveling curve for smoother player progression.

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