MapleStory 2 first gameplay trailer revealed

MapleStory 2 global service closure

After a first cinematic trailer that gave us absolutely no idea on what MapleStory 2 was going to look like – it was a nice trailer though – and a lot of artwork teasing, NSquare finally revealed the first MapleStory 2 gameplay trailer. Just as announced, this MMORPG is ditching the original's side-scrolling perspective in favor of an isometric view, all in glorious 3D.

Judging by the trailer, MapleStory 2 is distancing itself quite a bit from the first game; it's almost as if Minecraft and Diablo had a chibi baby. This doesn't mean it's a bad thing, the game actually looks like it could be extremely rich and engaging, with a lot of action and mini-games to take part, as well as some big bosses. Hopefully the block idea will be fully realized – we've seen some nice destruction effects but who knows if there's an element of building in this game too.

MapleStory 2 enters closed beta in Korea later this year while a worldwide release is yet to be confirmed. Here's the first MapleStory 2 gameplay trailer.

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