Marvel Heroes will be “completely free-to-play”

marvel heroes is shutting down

Are you sick and tired of “free-to-play” games that are nothing more than demo versions? You burned a hole in your pocket purchasing hundreds of dollars worth of “free” content? Well, Marvel Heroes won’t be like that, according to Gazillion Entertainment’s David Brevik.

“Everybody is saying ‘we’re free to play’ but they aren’t,” Brevik said, “it’s a small percentage of the game or something like that. From the consumer standpoint it’s hard to understand what is free-to-play and what isn’t, it feels like a buzz word at this point and it’s hard to tell.”

“We’re creating a triple-A quality game that has deep gameplay, graphics are state of the art because we’re using Unreal Engine to render, and we aren’t just a little bit free. We’re completely free.”

“The only thing we can do is prove it, I can talk until the cows come home.”

Marvel Heroes is in closed beta.

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