Minion Masters launches today on PC and Xbox One, grab free keys

Minion Masters launch PC Xbox

The MOBA, Tower Defense and strategy mix Minion Masters is out today on PC and Xbox One. This is the third game from Danish studio BetaDwarf and was in Early Access for two years. It is free-to-play and we have a few gift packs if you want one.

To celebrate the launch, a new update was released. Called Bones & Bravery, it brings eight new cards, new mechanics and more. A new character was also revealed, Morellia the Lich Queen – we shall learn more about her in less than two weeks.

BetaDwarf also has a wonderful pictorial depiction of its history since it was just a bunch of dudes illegally working in an unused classroom. Scroll down and you'll be able to get a key for its three games. 

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