Monday Night Combat now super! And free!

The entertaining Monday Night Combat is getting a free-to-play sequel in the shape of Super Monday Night Combat. According to Uber Entertainment, the game will basically be the same as the original XBLA version, but including some new levels that aren’t as futuristic as the original ones. We’ll get to play this shooter on PC when it’s released in the “next several months” and see how it will stand in the DotA-inspired pool, where games such as League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth are strong, yet different, competitors.

Super Monday Night Combat isn’t really a sequel; it seems more like a revised version for PC players to enjoy and using the now extremely popular F2P model. In other words, we get to download and play for free but there’s an item store just waiting for our hard-earned cash. If the game is as good as the original, then watch out for your wallets!

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